Pool cue sample wood blanks

Category: Custom Tonewood


You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image

Price: 60.77 EUR(7,184.24 RSD)

size : 40 x 40 x 600 mm

1.Olive european   12.77eur/pc

2.Apple   black and white, white  6.72eur/pc     

3.Walnut european  black        2A-3A 6.72eur/pc

4.Plum european  6.72eur/pc

6.Ash european   3.84eur/pc

7.Mulberry   6.72eur/pc

9.Cherry  3.84eur/pc

10.Elm   6.72eur/pc

11.Acacia   6.72eur/pc