Red Willow 1pc body blanks

Category: Red Willow 1pc body blanks

Code: RW13B47096E

Dimension top: 47 x 360 x 530

You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image

Price: 58.00 EUR(6,828.51 RSD)

More imagesBurl Poplar Top

Burl Poplar Top

Code: bp12T08285E
Dimension top: 2x(8 x 180 x 530)

Price: 43.00 EUR(5,062.52 RSD)

More imagesRed Willow 2pcs body blanks

Red Willow 2pcs body blanks

Code: RW13B47103E
Dimension top: 2x(47 x 180 x 540)

Price: 49.00 EUR(5,768.92 RSD)

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Walnut top

Code: W11T13099E
Dimension top: 2x(13 x 180 x 530)

Price: 167.00 EUR(19,661.41 RSD)

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Walnut Top

Code: cW09T10035Old
Dimension top: 2x(10 x 180 x 550)

Price: 39.00 EUR(4,591.59 RSD)