Burl Elm Top

Category: Burl Elm

Code: bE11T06008E

Dimension top: 2x(6 x 170 x 595)

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Elm isn't as commonly used as other woods but it still produces a sturdy instrument. As a tonewood it tends to sound like maple, but warmer in the highs. It's quite dense.

More images  Drop top     *****AAA*****

Drop top *****AAA*****

Code: DropTopAAA7mm
Dimension top: 2x(7 x 180 x 530)

Price: 38.00 EUR(4,467.98 RSD)

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Burl Poplar

Code: Bp18T11399E
Dimension top: 2x(11 x 180 x 535)

Price: 99.00 EUR(11,640.26 RSD)

More imagesBurl Poplar Top

Burl Poplar Top

Code: bP12T12319E
Dimension top: 2x(12 x 180 x 535)

Price: 67.00 EUR(7,877.75 RSD)

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Red Willow 2pcs body blanks

Code: RW15B45116E
Dimension top: 2x(45 x 180 x 530)

Price: 43.00 EUR(5,055.87 RSD)