Burl Elm Top

Category: Burl Elm

Code: bE11T09013E

Dimension top: 2x(9 x 190 x 575)

You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image


This set has small cracks.

Elm isn't as commonly used as other woods but it still produces a sturdy instrument. As a tonewood it tends to sound like maple, but warmer in the highs. It's quite dense.

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Burl Poplar Top

Code: bp12T11306E
Dimension top: 2x(11 x 180 x 535)

Price: 73.00 EUR(8,581.67 RSD)

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Jumbo Burl Poplar Bass set

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Burl poplar

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Dimension top: 2x(8 x 180 x 530)

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