African Mahogany I QS grade body wood

Category: African Mahogany body wood


Dimension top: 50 x 190 x 520

You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image

Price: 65.50 EUR(7,753.89 RSD)

More imagesSpalted Maple Back and Sides

Spalted Maple Back and Sides

Code: spM12BnS05037E
Dimens. back: 2x(5 x 210 x 550)
Dimens. sides: 2x(5 x 120 x 830)

Price: 67.00 EUR(7,931.46 RSD)

More imagesWalnut Neck I QS 5A

Walnut Neck I QS 5A

Code: I QS 5A
Dimension top: 36 x 100 x 800

Price: 57.60 EUR(6,818.69 RSD)

More imagesBurl Poplar Top

Burl Poplar Top

Code: bP11T12148Old
Dimension top: 2x(12 x 180 x 530)

Price: 67.00 EUR(7,931.46 RSD)

More imagesSpalted Walnut Back and Sides

Spalted Walnut Back and Sides

Code: spW14BnS04019E
Dimens. back: 2x(4 x 210 x 600)
Dimens. sides: 2x(4 x 130 x 850)

Price: 168.00 EUR(19,887.84 RSD)