Flamed White Ash Back and Sides

Category: Flamed White Ash

Code: fwA18BnS05006

Dimens. back: 5 x 220 x 580

Dimens. sides: 3 x 140 x 860

You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image

Price: 129.00 EUR(15,166.93 RSD)

classical guitar
acoustic steel string guitar

Rare find of European Flamed Ash. When a cutting sound is needed, with power, attack, punch and high harmonics, Euro Ash is candy for your ears.

These European Ash sets have a spectacular flame which is very uncommon in this kind of wood. In addition to the bright sound and high harmonics of European Ash, these sets have a unique look that will set the difference on your guitar.

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