Bubinga Top

Category: Bubinga

Code: B06T04003E

Dimension top: 2x( 532 x 7 132 x 20 2332 )

You can adjust the position of the wood pattern by using the dragging tool over the image


Bubinga has a finer texture with no pores to fill and has  a tremendously rich and full sound replete with warm even tones. It provides a slightly dark and woody overtone content with a low to mid end predominance- much like Indian Rosewood! Lacks the same low end of Rosewood but is more balanced than Mahogany.

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Code: I QS
Dimension top: 1516 x 3 516 x 27 1132

Price: 15.70 EUR(1,852.25 RSD)

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Maple Neck I QS grade

Code: I QS grade
Dimension top: 1 732 x 2 1516 x 35 916

Maple Neck I HQS grade

Code: I HQS grade
Dimension top: 1 732 x 3 516 x 33 732

Price: 17.90 EUR(2,111.81 RSD)

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Red Willow 2pcs body blanks

Code: RW13B45091E
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