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Working with tone wood we are in position to have also very attractive wood for turn working. That are the same types of wood that we prepare for musical instruments. Dimensions are according to your order, it can be from 1mm up to 100mm thickness, with diferent width and lenght. If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.

Here are some samples of our wood turning squares and blanks: 

  1. Bubinga, Kevazingo (Guibourtia spp), from Equatorial Africa
  2. Apple (malus domestica), from Serbia (Europa)
  3. Walnut European (juglans regia), from Serbia (Europa). This is black part of walnut with great contrast in colour.
  4. Plum wood European (prunus domestica), from Serbia (Europa). It is much used for wood wind instruments
  5. Walnut European (juglans regia), from Serbia (Europa). This is white-black part of walnut
  6. African Mahogany, Acajou  (khaya ivorensis), from central Africa
  7. Padouk (petrocarpus soyauxll), from central Africa
  8. Spalted maple
  9. Cherry European(prunus avium), from Serbia (Europa)
  10.  Walnut European (juglans regia), from Serbia (Europa), this is black part of walnut but with small contrast in colour
  11.  Ash European (fraxinus), from Serbia (Europa)
  12.  Wenge ( Millettia laurentii)
  13.  Belli (paraberlinania bifoliolata), from central Africa
  14. Ovengkol-amazakoue (guibourtia ehie), from central Afrika)
  15. Mulberry European (Morus)
  16. Olive